Australian Consulate-General
Shanghai, China

Frequently Asked Questions: Australian in Shanghai


19 December 2022


What is the Australian Government doing to help Australians in Shanghai?

  •  The Australian Consulate-General has received enquiries from concerned Australians in Shanghai and we are taking your concerns seriously. 


  • We continue to engage directly with the local government on these issues affecting our nationals in Shanghai. 
  • For consular support specific to your individual circumstances, please contact us at: [email protected] or +86 (21) 2215 5200 for consular assistance. When you email the consulate, you will receive an autoresponder message that may answer your question, if not the team will respond to your enquiry in due course.


  • We suggest the additional resources and information sources:
  • Check with your hotel, airline, local media and authorities regarding any updated information about your travel plans and/or restrictions.
  • Visit the website for information on conditions in China.
  • For the latest requirements on entering China, please refer to the PRC Embassy’s website.
  • Visit the Smartraveller – Re-entry and quarantine measures  webpage for the latest information on returning to Australia.
  • For 24-hour emergency consular support Australians can call +61 2 6261 3305 (from overseas) or 1300 555 135 (from within Australia).
  • Australians in China are encouraged to subscribe to Smartraveller travel advice for the latest information: China Travel Advice & Safety | Smartraveller


If I feel unwell and suspect it to be Covid-19, what do I do?

  • If you have one or more of the following symptoms: sore throat, fever, cough, loss of taste/smell, runny nose, you should follow the advice of local authorities, to isolate at home, and undertake Rapid Antigen Tests daily.
  • If you have caught Covid-19 please follow the advice of the local authorities in your area of residence.  Currently, local authorities recommend that you isolate at home for a period of up to 7days from confirmation of positive Covid-19.
  • If you belong to a vulnerable group, have underlying/pre-existing health conditions and/or severe symptoms, please seek medical advice.  Sinounited, Parkway Health and United Family Hospital, and other public/private hospitals have e-consultation services available for accessibility issues.


Should I stock up on resources/supplies?

As is stated in the travel advice, “Make sure you have enough food, water and medical supplies in case you're mandated to isolate at short notice”.  We would recommend that you also purchase enough Rapid Antigen Tests for you and your dependents, which are readily available online (Taobao, JD, Meituan/Alipay).


There is inconsistent information from my community, district, and on social media.  What is the best channel of information?

We recommend that you refer to the official WeChat Fa-bu channel or Health Commission (Weisheng Jian Kang Wei Yuan Hui) account of yor local provincial/municipal government.    


I have heard that the German Consulate/Embassy is providing all German nationals with access to foreign vaccines.  Will the Australian Consulate/Embassy offer vaccines to Australian nationals too?

No.  Only the German Government is negotiating with Chinese authorities for vaccination of their nationals in liaison with a German pharmaceutical company.  Currently no other Consulates/Embassies are planning to or considering providing this service to their nationals in China.

With the easing of China’s border, Australian nationals can travel outside of China to get foreign vaccines that are not available on the mainland, such as Singapore, Hong Kong etc.   

For Chinese vaccines, you can enquire at most Public and Private Hospitals (Shanghai: United Family Hospital, Jiahui Hospital etc) and book an appointment directly with the facility.


Can the Australian Consulate-General evacuate Australian nationals?  Am I able to fly out of Shanghai?

Currently, tickets on commercial flights from Shanghai to Australia (directly and indirectly) remain available. 

Prior to travelling, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the most recent advice, so that you do not have any difficulties at the airport (particularly those who are unvaccinated or over 60 years old). 

If you have any questions or concerns before you travel, please contact us at: [email protected] or +86 (21) 2215 5200 for consular assistance.


I cannot get to the Consulate to pick up my passport, can the Consulate courier it to me or can I friend pick it up for me?


Yes, if you need to travel urgently and cannot pick up the passport, you can request that it is sent to you by EMS; or if travel is imminent, you can authorise a contact (provide passport receipt and written authorisation) to pick it up on your behalf.


I have upcoming travel plans – can I apply for a new passport now? 

  • Due to the current outbreak of Covid cases across China, passport service delivery has been further disrupted. 
  • If you are outside of Shanghai and can lodge your passport application at another Consulate-General in Mainland China that would be advisable or if you have an emergency, please contact your closest Consulate by email to discuss alternate measures. 
  • Currently the time taken to process and deliver a new passport is 10 – 12 weeks. 
  • If you are in Shanghai and need to apply for a new passport, including an emergency passport, please contact us at: [email protected] or +86 (21) 2215 5200 .

Can the Consulate help with my pets if I must leave?

Pet owners are advised to stock up on the necessary pet supplies and make advance arrangements with your vet, boarding facility, neighbour, or other emergency contact(s) to pick up and look after your pet, in the event you are required to move in response to pandemic-control measures or for urgent travel.